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Steve Gordon Interviewed By Billboard

Posted on: 09.21.2016 - By: Circle

Promoter turned agent takes dance music lessons into rock world with Kenmore agency acquisition.

Steve Gordon, an agent and co-owner at Circle Talent Agency, describes his trajectory as "from the basement to Beverly Hills." For years he was a scrappy promoter in the Baltimore area - which, he points out, "isn't even a major market" - and when he started as an agent, Circle founder Kevin Gimble couldn't pay him. "Now you go to different dance music festivals, and we're on every single stage," Gordon says, noting that 76 Circle acts played EDC this year, comprising nearly a third of the festival.

Gordon stumbled into the music business from an odd angle: after a stint as an inline skater and numerous tryouts at the X Games, he had a revelatory rave experience, which led him to get a job passing out fliers for the promotion company Ultraworld in 2000. Soon he was promoting hip-hop shows and booking multi-genre talent for SONAR, a now defunct venue in Baltimore. He started his own company, Steez Promo, with Evan Weinstein in 2005. A year later, he saw the rave scene picking up steam again and began to throw dance events, he also started to DJ, giving him another window into the music that pulled people off club walls and sent them charging into the fray on the dance floor. (Billboard)


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