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Datsik Featured In Beatport Decade

Posted on: 11.03.2014 - By: Circle

As we enter the eighth week in our ongoing celebration of the moments, the music, and you - the DJs who made Beatport such a success over the past 10 years, we turn our focus to Datsik. The Canadian dubstep artist (born Troy Beetles) is one of the biggest names in the global bass scene. Back in 2009, he teamed up with fellow Canadian producer Excision to pioneer the North American dubstep scene, paving the way for the current reign of Skrillex. Then, in 2012, he released his well-received debut album 'Vitamin D' on Steve Aoki's label, Dim Mak, as well as launching his own signature Firepower label to cultivate like-minded artists in the Stateside dubstep scene.

Want to listen to all the exciting music that we've lined up for #BeatportDecade Week Eight? Catch our exclusive artist interview with Datsik, his essential picks for the 10 most influential tracks over the past decade, his hand-selected five free tracks as download giveaways, an influential genre retrospective on the past, present, and future of dubstep, tons of custom label playlists, and so much more. (via Beatport)


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