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YourEDM Spotlight On Circle Agent Ben Hogan

Posted on: 09.30.2014 - By: Circle

Our next interview from our Industry Spotlight series features renowned Circle Talent Agent, Ben Hogan. Ben started working professionally in dance music at the tender age of 17, throwing all ages dance events in Baltimore, MD.  Seeing dance music's imminent rise, Hogan quickly teaming up with Steez Promotions to work on events like Starscape and help cultivate and integrate a younger, fresher audience that would help expand the company's club events in Baltimore and other northeast markets.

Those years spent as a street team leader, ticket hustler, and local promoter in the early bass music scene helped to cultivate Ben's eventual transition to Circle Talent Agency. The move to Circle would foster Ben's decision to relocate to Los Angeles at age 22 as a full time agent working under the tutelage of Steve Gordon and Kevin Gimble. Hogan has since then built an impressive roster that spans the full field of genres in dance music, from powerhouse DJ acts like BRO SAFARI, OOKAY, ETC! ETC! and SLANDER to live, production based acts like EOTO and LUCENT DOSSIER EXPERIENCE that tour nationally.

Ben has focused on his ability to work with acts from inception and help grow them to the top of the industry. Now at age 25, Hogan has ambition to continue growing his roster and take on more challenges and projects in the near future to reach new heights. (via

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