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Dirtyphonics Featured In DJ Times

Posted on: 02.04.2014 - By: Circle

Pitchin and Charly-Dirtyphonics' DJ duo-are poised at the edge of a wobbly table that precariously holds their decks/mixer combo onstage at the Orange County Observatory.

After a few prepping shouts to the suburban SoCal audience, Pitchin flies into the fans' waiting arms to the pulsing sounds of "Stage Divers," the group's collaboration with Steve Aoki, himself a well-known human projectile. A little later on, Charly will do some diving of his own, the crowd fighting for a chance to hold him up.

But it's been like that for the Paris-based, DIM MAK-signed act for awhile now-live craziness for the two DJs or the full band that also includes Pho. (A fourth member, Thomas-first names only, please-recently departed the group.)


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