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Noisia 10 Year Anniversary

Posted on: 11.08.2013 - By: Circle

We are officially ten years old. Officially, because 2003 was the year of our first release: 'Silicon' on Nerve Recordings. It was written at Nik's parents' house in Donderen, Drenthe. A small village in a rural area (population: 300). Not exactly the typical breeding ground for futuristic drum&bass... We didn't know anyone who was into what we were into, not in Donderen, not at our school (those three odd guys with their headphones on all day listening to that crazy fast computer music), not in Groningen as a whole, and even in Holland there were only a few people pushing that sound that we were after. At that time, vinyl sales had started to decline, and the 'golden era' of dark/ tech/ futuristic d&b (whatever you want to call it) seemed to be over, while we were singularly about that sound. Not the best time and place for us to start you could say.

But being an island of three friends making music wasn't so bad. As a matter of fact they were amazing years. It's strange to think that we were so focused, in between all the hanging out, smoking weed, playing games and catching jokes we actually took a serious life-changing path without fully realizing it. When we decided we needed management in 2006, we hired another friend from high school, Walter - who had no training, just like us. We're pretty sure he didn't fully realise what he would get himself into!

And then there was the Internet. Through things like AOL Instant Messenger, the Dogs on Acid & Drum & Bass Arena forums (shouts to all the crew from back then!) we found a way to connect to a scene that was only beginning to discover the possibilities - and consequences - of being online. This internet world is how we got our music out there. It seems dead obvious now, but it really wasn't back then. We got our first exposure through a website called '': our track 'Drifter' was even featured on the homepage. Think Soundcloud but ten years ago (the domain name has since changed but there's still a demo up there from 2002... It's quite embarassing but here you go: Anyway one thing led to another, we met dj Mayhem online, he signed us to Shadow-Law Recordings, helped us on our path, introduced us to people, we signed 'Silicon' to Paul Reset's Nerve Recordings, and then came our first real DJ gig abroad in Budapest in January 2004...

And now we are here - ten years of releases under our belt and a million followers on Soundcloud. Over the years we have met many incredible musicians, labels, deejays and industry people that we consider our friends and that have inspired us, helped us and taught us things. But in a way, we are still that island. Our crew has just grown, but we're still out in Groningen, with our own studios, our own management, our own music on our own labels, trying to do things in a way we think is good.

Having said all this retrospective old man shit, it's important to also mention that we don't feel 'arrived' or 'settled' in any way. It feels like we have only just begun. We're aching to write new music (new Noisia album dammit!). From windy and rainy Groningen: Thank you all for your amazing and enduring support over these last ten years. Here's to the future!


Audeze Headphones: "These headphones don't sound like headphones, they sound like a studio. I trust them as much as I trust the wall mounted ATC's in our studios" - (Nik)
Native Instruments Komplete 9 + Komplete Audio 6: "If i were stranded on a desert island with only one piece of music software it would have to be Komplete" - (Thijs)
Soundcloud Pro Subscription: "This is a very pure platform for musicians. It's well made, and strikes a very nice balance between user friendliness and artist usability" - (Martijn)


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