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Territories Represented: North America

Thunderous, epic, and full of passion, Zao (Greek for "alive") is driven by vocals that exorcise singer Daniel Weyandt's demons as if his life depended on the songs. His words reshape a personal history wrought with tragedy, suicide and death into beautiful musings that connected with their brutal honesty and naked self- observation. Mellinger, the band's primary songwriter, adds melodic vocals to compliment Dan's sound.

Zao's hometown of Greensburg, Pennsylvania isn't known for many things besides being in close proximity to the mall where George A. Romero filmed Dawn Of The Dead. And that isolation has allowed the band to steer clear of trends and carve their own niche.

Zao's original incarnation formed in the mid-90s with evangelical zeal. When that version of the band fell apart, Zao as it would come to change the course of heavy music was born. Hailed by Alternative Press as "one of the most important albums of 1998, Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest, their land mark record, took the conventions of hardcore and metal and turned them upside down shaping what we now know as metallic hardcore.

When Scott Mellinger joined Zao for the following year's Liberate te ex Inferis, it began a song-writing partnership with Weyandt that persists to this day. Now after a long time away from the spotlight 2016 marks the return of Zao, reclaiming the musical landscape they helped to create.