Circle Talent Agency

The Atlas Moth
Territories Represented: North America

Atlas Moth's success has always come from compelling composites. Though they began as a formidable sludge outfit, the Chicago band's old mold had broken by the time they recorded their second album, 2011's An Ache for the Distance, which turned black metal torment into post-rock splendor, mid-tempo marches into alternate-universe alternative rock, and late-album comedowns into psychedelic dreamstates. Even the band's personnel confirmed those polyglot tendencies; screamer Stavros Giannopoulos and singer David Kush traded guttural yells and grand refrains, conjuring incredible tension through variety and unpredictability. On An Ache for the Distance, you could hear the Atlas Moth sorting through a few dozen passions and touchstones on every song-from Deftones and My Bloody Valentine to the Allman Brothers Band and Neurosis. At any moment, their next move was always a question mark. The Old Believer, their most recent outing continues to push the limits and has become a staple among any metal or post rock listener.