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Roy Purdy
Territories Represented: Worldwide - Excluding Europe

​Roy Purdy is a rapper, musician, filmmaker, actor, skateboarder, dancer, and all-around internet phenom and cultural icon from Appleton, Wisconsin. Following the success of one his viral videos back in 2015, Roy is rapidly approaching 3 Million fans across his socials in just two short years and continues to grow at a meteoric rate.

Although most of his success comes in recent years, Roy has been creating original content and finding ways to entertain from a very young age. He started taking guitar and piano lessons at the age of 10, and by the time he was 13 he was already writing and recording original music, touring locally, performing in an 80's-inspired rock band. It was around this time when he began uploading skateboarding videos to YouTube, thereby solidifying Roy's passion for content creation; he knew then he would make this his career. In High School, Roy combined his love for making videos and recording music, by shooting and editing music videos for his own original tracks, then posting them to YouTube. Today his videos garner millions of views and listens per month. Roy's music video for his record "Pink and Green" (also his unofficially trademarked colors) amassed a million views in its first month on YouTube alone. Roy plans to continue creating content, skating, and recording music, all while being himself, having fun, and spreading love and positivity wherever he goes. 

Many say he's up next, but we would say he's up now.