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I’ll legit tweet ya every day, @chrisdelia . S’worth it. Come try some of those jiu jitsu moves in the pit.

12 hours ago

@masquerade_atl is officially our second home

15 hours ago

Praying @therealRITTZ stops by @masquerade_atl tonight to catch us at 8 PM in the Hell room. Got a GL spot with your name on it, mate.

3 days ago

Prison is a harsh, metallic nightmare comprised of the very thoughts most people fight to suppress. The issues that are too taboo to talk about publicly are mere stepping stones for this band. Disarming honesty and punishing precision are the main ingredients in this low-end remedy for whatever ails you. Brewing in the depths of Florida's muck since 2014, the artistic output of Prison has only gathered tenacity and edge with time. With an insatiable aim to bridge the gap between genres, boundaries serve only as walls waiting to be demolished. Above all, Prison is a no-holds-barred, unadulterated barrage of truth that will make your hairs stand on end with each and every line.