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Papa Ya

Papa Ya was created after Nate and Alex were inspired to make upbeat energetic pop/dance music. While living together at the University of Oregon, the two began to develop their sonic brand while crafting feel good songs that could lift anyone up on even the gloomiest of days. Throughout their four years at college, Nate experimented with a variety of genres eventually finding home in the diversity of the pop scene, while Alex began diving into the art of dance music production. The two combined their influences to create the unique Papa Ya style. With a sunny sound in hand, Nate and Alex ventured out to beautiful California where they found home in Los Angeles. Since the first release, Papa Ya reached #6 on the Spotify US Viral Chart and #8 on the Global Viral Chart with Fine Livin' and has caught the attention of nearly every major label and blog around the world. Their follow ups, Outta Here feat. Con Bro Chill & Sunny have joined the ranks with Fine Livin' and together have collected nearly 10 million streams across platforms.