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Here’s a playlist for you… 20YearsOfVirus by Optical

4 days ago

RT @Noisia_nl: In this week's Noisia Radio we give you no exclusives, no premieres, none of that. We're paying respect to our favorite drum…

1 week ago

RT @PicsOfLilyBlog: special day today on so many levels including 20 years of friendship with @MattOptical coinciding with 20 years of Viru…

Optical is the pseudonym of Matt Quinn, a renowned drum and bass producer and DJ from England.

He is best known for his work with Ed Rush, fellow head of the Virus Recordings label, and as a pioneer of the techstep and neurofunk sound. His first single for Metalheadz, 'To Shape the Future'/'Raging Calm' (1997) and his collaborative material with Ed Rush, such as the Wormhole, album (1998) were archetypal developments in the style. The duo followed this debut album with The Creeps (2000) and The Original Doctor Shade (2003), as well as countless singles and remixes.

He also notably did most of the engineering and production work for Grooverider's album Mysteries of Funk, and Goldie's 'Saturns Return' LP. In addition, he has produced solo, and released in collaboration with many artists, including Trace, Dom and Roland, Fierce, and his brother Matrix.

"Matt Quinn's savage dance floor productions as Optical (for, among many others, Groove's own label Prototype) have earned him a place in drum'n'bass's premier division."