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5 days ago

RT @komomo_0103: AppleやMacy's等の大手とタイアップする"NVDES"とコラボしました😍しかも撮影、編集は Kanto さん😍 贅沢な仕上がりになりました🤣 @nvdesmusic @kantooDMfilms #nvdes #oulalala #V…

1 week ago

RT @elisegehosky: I’m in Queens, NY and during the drive I just listened to Dancer from New York by @nvdesmusic on repeat 1,000 times

1 week ago

NVDES is a creative collective curated, produced and co-performed by Josh Ocean. The project's recurring symbol, a cantaloupe, embodies its spirit of self-discovery, free experimentation, and an unrestrained indulgence in the juicy, ripe fruit of pop music. NVDES' early singles "Unforgettable", "Fela" and "Don't Fvck Your Neighbor" are compulsive summery tracks, brimming with the energy of trophouse and punk, campfire folk and hyphy rap, '50s surf and '90s alternative. The cornucopia of voices from Ocean and his friends are a kaleidoscope of sounds, both acoustic and digital, spinning through traditional song forms and electronic collage. The music encourages disrobing, exposing bare skin to the sun, flailing limbs, swaying hips, and feeling the unadulterated vibes of NVDITY.