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RT @spiritofhs: Whoโ€™s ready for the latest #NCBM track? Just two more days until This Is Eternity ๐Ÿ™Œ @Noisecontroller @BassModulators #spiriโ€ฆ

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Destination Decibel! Just a few more days ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ™Œ @BassModulators @officialb2s

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This Is Eternity! Coming this Friday๐Ÿ™ Link in bio! @BassModulators #spiritofhardstyle #NCBM #hardstyle

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Since the world of Hardstyle emerged from the depths of the universe, very few acts have faced the test of time and succeeded in bringing true passion and innovative creativity to their productions for many years. Noisecontrollers is certainly an example of a rare breed of pure creativity that has thrived in the world of Hardstyle for over one decade.

Powerhouse producer Bas Oskam formed the act Noisecontrollers in 2005 with counterpart member Arjan Terpstra. From the very beginning, Bas' intense passion for creative expansion within music was evident, which is heard in earlier releases such as "Crump," "Malboro Man," "Shreek," "Ctrl.Alt.Delete" and "Tonight" (with Headhunterz and Wildstylez) which are still critically acclaimed as some of Hardstyle's biggest all-?‐time classics.

One of Noisecontrollers' earlier musical accomplishments was the release of their debut album 'E=NC2 (The Science Of Hardstyle),' a work of art that brought forth an array of fresh, new tracks such as "So High," "Pillars Of Creation" and "Universe Was Born." The album occurred simultaneously with one of the most memorable events in Bas' career that ultimately remarked Noisecontrollers as one of the most influential names: X-?‐Qlusive Noisecontrollers, which was held in the Heineken Music Hall.

The contagious and addictive signature sound of Noisecontrollers is based on the foundations of high quality production with an ambition to master the depths of hardstyle with an undying ability to emotionally captivate all listeners. When writing music, Bas has a passion for combining many stylistic techniques from other genres of dance music such as dubstep and house, which are visible in tracks such as "Get Loose" with Showtek and the Noisecontrollers remix of "Apollo" by Hardwell. This was followed by his 2015 release "Only You" which was released on Armada. These cross-?‐genre tracks generated a huge response from their highly unique, yet sophisticated sound that branched to fans outside of the Hard Dance demographic.

The strikingly co-?‐operative balance between the unique melodic structure and the intense kicks that most producers would die for, has the ability to transcend time, mesmerizing and uniting many listeners from all generations and walks of life.

2014 marked yet another year of innovation when Noisecontrollers released stellar album "All Around" on Q-?‐Dance records. The album itself literally spread all around the world as Bas showcased the album on tours throughout Europe, The United States and Australia. Demonstrating an extremely sophisticated approach to hardstyle, tracks such as "Down Down," "What?!" and "Cats, Jets and Breaks" with Wildstylez earned their title as 'modern classics.' The spin-?‐off from "All Around" marked further achievements for Bas, who's musical capabilities that spread across the spectrum of electronic dance music allowed him to successively climb his way to reach #67 in the DJ Mag top 100 DJ's in 2014.

Following a triumphant 2014, in 2015 Noisecontrollers surprised his fans with the announcement of "All Night Long;" a bundle of art that consisted of collected studio material from 2013-?‐2015. Taking the non-?‐traditional approach to creating an album, "All Night Long" is an album that thrives on experimentation, diversity, cross-?‐over approaches and a top-?‐notch sound design. Pushing beyond the boundaries of modern hardstyle and entering new musical territories, "All Night Long" generated a plethora of positive responses as many listeners' expectations were exceeded yet again.

At the conclusion of 2015, Bas celebrated his biggest career milestone to date - 10 years of Noisecontrollers. Marking one decade of steadfast loyalty to Hardstyle, Bas embarked on new ventures that saw him releasing an inspiring documentary that gave fans insight into his personal and professional journey to success as well as an exclusive '10 Years Noisecontrollers' collector's album. Aside from the digitalism of the CD and documentary, '10 Years Noisecontrollers' was also vivaciously celebrated at various events that were part of his exclusive tour. With his love for music taking him to all corners of the globe, 2015 was the year in which Bas was able to perform in South Africa and India, meaning that he has performed in every single continent, excluding Antarctica.

Marking his biggest year to date, 2015 also opened up an array of creative collaborations for Noisecontrollers, who discovered an immense chemistry whilst working with Bass Modulators. Their initial collaboration "Rocked Up" ultimately marked the start of this stellar collaboration. Followed by the feel-?‐good Summer-?‐jam "Solar," which was premiered at Defqon.1 during the eminent end-?‐ show, it wasn't long until this melodic and powerful masterpiece dominated the charts; taking the #1 spot on, entering the Spotify Viral 50 in The Netherlands and taking the #1 spot in the Hardstyle Top 100 (2015). After this incredible collaboration, Noisecontrollers was then invited to remix Bass Modulators 2014 track "Let Me See Ya,".

From initial collaborations to the formation of an innovative, new clique, Noisecontrollers and Bass Modulators soon made the decision to team up for an exclusive live-?‐act under the name NCBM. Officially launching this exciting new venture at Hard Bass in January, 2016 in front of over 26,000 die-?‐hard fans, this initial performance marked huge success for the group, who premiered upcoming productions "Holding On," "Het Gevoel Van," "Glitch" and Noisecontrollers' brand new solo track "The Game."

Pioneering the art of innovation and boasting over one decade of utmost devotion to the genre, the Noisecontrollers legacy remains stronger than ever as new and exciting endeavours will be pursued in 2016 and beyond...