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RT @hapa_courteous: My debut album ‘Memory Screen’ is set to be released September 6th on @CourteousFamily I’ve been working on this projec…

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Los Angeles based Jordan Hill, a.k.a no-puls, has been slowly amassing an impressive catalogue of tribal inspired, future-facing compositions heavily rooted in the 'beat-scene' provenance his home town & its famed ambassadors have immortalized. Alongside his two presciently named pitbulls Onyx & Quasimoto, Jordan - originally of Orange County - is a resident in the Highland Park area of L.A; a vibrant nerve-centre of instrumental hip-hop talent including members of the Low-end Theory organization, Team Supreme, and the Courteous family collective - the last of which no puls has been a long-standing member. In a naturally Californian fashion, his music is the coming together of psychedelic cosmic leanings, stoned grooves & high technology. Much like other members of the Courteous Family, no puls harnesses a distinctively low-fi crunchiness to his music worthy of a comparison to the Toe Rag Studios aesthetic. Its analog futurism cut from the same cloth as Danger Mouse & Madlid, tailored to fit the post-dubstep landscape. In this, his inaugural outing beyond the Bandcamp/ Free-to-DL paradigm - an incredible command of both patience & maturity is displayed. In an era of west-coast beat making often characterized by restless technical one-up-manship and bold lurches from one concept to the next; no puls is able to cut through the orthodoxy and channel his efforts into ear worm-orientated structures that develop with restraint yet still glow with technical flair. "Tongues" E.P drops on 9th March Featuring 4 original compositions, and a guest appearance from Slugabed on the 5th track with his remix of "Fiji Quija". No puls will take you on an immersive experience if you want to take the journey.