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Melissa Brooks & The Aquadolls
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the terrifying conditions that america and the rest of the world faces. racists, fascists, nazis, white supremacists and bigots STAND DOWN.

5 hours ago

here is a small preview of "youth against bigotry", a photography project/movement my friend grace and i have start…

5 hours ago

RT @troyesivan: Makes me actually sick

6 hours ago

Formed by the lead singer and writer of the band, Melissa Brooks and bred out of the Southern California, Orange County, do it yourself garage scene, Melissa Brooks and The Aquadolls put forth a trip out, pop punk vibe as they discuss love, opening your mind and hating being a teenager. OC based indie label Burger Records released their first EP titled We Are Free in early 2013 and their debut album Stoked On You in December 2014, which peaked at #10 nationally on the US CMJ chart.

Melissa is currently working on the next EP and album with Hollywood based producer Aaron Greene, the sound has expanded and hits extremely hard. It contains explosive drums and trippy synths, but still has elements of their earlier music with sweet guitar riffs and ear-pleasing chords strummed out. "Girl Riot" is the first single to be released from their forthcoming EP, which is a response to wage inequality, breaking gender norms and fighting hard for whatever you believe in!