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Territories Represented: North America

If Intronaut came out of the last decade with anything it's that they're known purveyors of the progressive. They've made a name for themselves through musical, lyrical, and artistic adventures, journeying into a multitude of styles, parlaying the best of their influences and their spirit animals into a force that's immediately recognizable as Intronaut. Though labeling has its downfalls-'progressive', in terms of music, could mean analogous to Genesis, Pink Floyd, or Porcupine Tree-Dunable has a different view on the term and its possibly tenuous association to the band. "I think our definition of 'progressive' has always been different than most people's. I consider anything with an innovative spirit behind it to be progressive. It has very little to do with actual musical ability and everything to do with translating the insane noises in your head into music, and not deriving from something that exists already."