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7 hours ago

Waking up on Saturday morning like....”We got one million streams” (doesn’t roll off the tongue as well as the orig…

10 hours ago

@DANNYonPC Imagine the real life applications for this, maybe that’s how the current world leaders are operating...

10 hours ago

An electronic duo from the Southern-most tip of Africa have gone from one of Dance Music's best kept secrets, to leading exponents of the Live Electronic Music scene. Their pioneering mix of Saxophones, Flute, Double Bass, Keyboards and pounding House beats has touched a nerve with audiences across the world, coining the moniker 'Re-Inventing the DJ.' Once you experience a Goldfish live performance, you immediately know you are witnessing something special. This isn't just a DJ spinning tracks, this is the excitement of live, where you see the music being made, not just played.
Between their grueling touring schedule, relocating to San Diego, recording, and surfing in all four corners of the globe, Dom and Dave have been quietly and steadily building a reputation for incendiary lives shows and hyper-catchy releases that are poised to spill them over into the mainstream consciousness.