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@TrevorTBDM in a horror movie themed bar in Tokyo in Golden Gai that seats maybe 6 people listening to deathmask devine

1 day ago

@karimnlsl @Delta If @Delta doesn't comp this valiant steed-of-a-man a taco we're goin loco and never flying Delta again.

2 days ago

3 days ago

Formed in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2007, FALLUJAH has since displayed a rugged work ethic, investing countless months and weeks on the road in North America and internationally. The band's commitment to crafting forward thinking music has helped them build their own diehard fanbase from the ground-up through several releases, including 2009's Leper Colony EP, 2011's The Harvest Wombs debut LP, and their 2013 -Nomadic- EP. Now, with their newest work, The Flesh Prevails, FALLUJAH has ultimately paved the way for a new melodic and atmospheric perspective on death metal.