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Just make art without overthinking it. So much will surface once you let go of expectations ❤️

2 days ago

RT @Faeding8: Really nice surprise to come home to after work ty @EchosOfficial

4 days ago

RT @ShepTheSnek: Mixed or raw, I find the vocals of @LexiNortron to be remarkably soulful and the range between the likes of @EchosOfficial

4 days ago

Portland based production / DJ duo, Echos, are all about following the right path; whether it be following their heart, following the music or following their gut - they have both followed the necessary path that lead them together, giving them a sense of direction for their musical movement. Echos members, Tal Richards and Lexi Norton, paths first converged together after a brief history of musical success, now aiming for nothing short of forward-thinking and unique electronically influenced indie music.

However, defining Echos based on genre would do them a disservice, as the two have crafted a completely independent sound of their own. With a cement-footed standpoint on where electronic music was going, the two have since been actively striving for a movement that is less about EDM and more about the emotions that are forgotten about within it (a post-EDM if you will).

Working together with collaborators such as Crywolf and Illenium, it's apparent that Echos are headed for an emotionally heavy - yet melodic and accessible path into the music scene. With that  being said, their recent success with covers of Dawn Golden's 'All I Want', and The Weeknd's popular 'The Hills', Tal and Lexi have shown no falter in understanding whom they are.