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@Duskilla Ayyyy. Still need to clean it up and finish it. Definitely plan to do that when I get back home

6 hours ago

@Conrank Played Shenzhen a couple days ago actually. It was sick! I need to set up a proper tour out here one of these days.

1 day ago

@Conrank Oh shit! Next time dude! My first time in HK actually so I figured I owed it to myself to spend a few days here.

1 day ago

Downlink - A name firmly cemented in the hearts and minds of the bass music community. This native of Western Canada is respected the world over as a producer of the highest quality dance floor bangers. He has had numerous #1 hits on Beatport and continues to crush the charts time and time again. His ability to craft uniquely awesome bass sounds and his versatile composition skills have made him stand out, driving his career in exciting new directions. Whether its mixing records for bands like Korn, shredding as an alien bass lord in side project Destroid, or working on new material for Downlink, this tireless producer is always cooking up something heavy. For over 5 years now he has been touring the planet, leaving a wake of awe-struck audiences in his path. To see him live is to witness one of the tightest technical DJ's in the game. His 4 deck live mixing and infectious stage energy light up venues turning crowds on their heads time after time. Expect lightning fast mixing on a journey through a wide variety of bass music. All tempos are fair game but prepare for underground vibes and dirty bass.  Downlink is not one to be pigeon-holed and is constantly on a quest to evolve and refine his sound. With this in mind, one thing will always remain constant - a pure, unadulterated, heavy listening experience...