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Today: Silverado, CA - May 27 at Blackest of the Black

16 minutes ago

This Weekend: Silverado, CA - May 27 at Blackest of the Black

2 days ago

See you Saturday at Blackest of the Black Festival! Grab your tickets #devildriver

5 days ago

DevilDriver are an American heavy metal band from Santa Barbara, California, formed in 2002, consisting of vocalist Dez Fafara (the only remaining original member), guitarists Mike Spreitzer who joined right after the first record was recorded and Neal Tiemann, bassist Diego "Ashes" Ibarra and drummer Austin D'Amond. The band was originally named Deathride, however, due to copyright issues and the name being taken by several bands[citation needed], Deathride changed its name to DevilDriver, which refers to bells Italian Wiccans used to drive evil forces away.

The band has been a force in metal since it's inception , with their distinct California sound dubbed (California Groove) prompting Spotify to actually add the genre started by Fafara with DevilDriver. Known for their ferocious live shows , dedicated fan base and constant touring the new record TRUST NO ONE out may 2016 was the bands highest debut ever on the top charts.