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2 days ago

socks, they’re like jackets for ur feet

2 days ago

this how it be when u finish the collab and u know u got one

2 days ago

Mysterious vocalist-producer duo Darci first began to make waves on the scene in early 2017 delivering an eclectic yet uniform collection of nocturnal Hip-Hop/R&B driven singles. Known for a knack of consistent quality and a compelling aesthetic, the duo have since built a loyal fan base and a head of steam going into 2018. 

Now Darci seeks to follow up a successful debut year which garnered over 11,000,000 streams across Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube, with multiple tracks over 1,000,000 on Spotify and other platforms. All while sharing little to no information about themselves, besides a collection of impressive Skull Cat themed art pieces & hypnotic video edits fans have come to love. 

With just two shows under their belt, one supporting Lil Xan on his Xanarchy Tour and another at LA's Peppermint Club, the duo has shown great promise in the live space as well, delivering a unique and captivating stage presence, combing their chilled out bass heavy productions with a dark aura for a visceral display of their catalogue.  

With signs of a full project due in 2018 and more info coming from the enigmatic group, Darci is certainly one to watch in the coming year.