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@rob_swire is the choir on Plur one of those EastWest/QL word builder things or real humans singing?

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@killthenoise Phillips Hue?

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RT @telefontelaviv: Prayers won't save us.

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"Explorers in the further region of experience. Demons to some. Angels to others."

These words serve as a mission statement for Chicago's own CENOB1TE, much like the eponymous demonic entities of Clive Barker's Hellraiser series. Their skull-crushing interpretation of modern bass music overflows with lush orchestral flourishes, decimating subsonic mechanics, and menacing atmospheres to match those of your favorite science fiction and horror films. 

Birthed out of the meeting of two classically trained musicians, it is no coincidence that CENOB1TE's mind-bending synthesis is interwoven with epic symphonic melodies and movements. Beyond the co-ed pair's shared love of orchestral music, their obsession with video games has also significantly shaped their sound and vision: Chess has served as Rockstar Games' exclusive event DJ since 2007, while Graham honed his craft as an intern for a professional video game production studio while attending college. Together, they imbue their music with pristine sound design and sonic landscapes that rival the best in the industry. 

Since their inception in June of 2011, every step CENOB1TE has taken has proven that even though they are relatively new, they are far from novices. "Onslaught," their first official release, landed on Excision's Rottun Recordings, hit #3 on the Beatport Dubstep charts and remained in the Top 10 for a month. The single was a hit not only with fans, but with established DJs and producers like Knife Party, Dieselboy, and Downlink, who included the track in their live sets and mixtapes.

"The Eye," CENOB1TE's recent collaboration with Midnight Conspiracy, was recently featured in production legend BT's Laptop Symphony compilation album, and was picked up for a full remix-packed EP by EDM heavyweight Ultra Records. With such esteemed artists and labels already championing their sound, the future holds endless possibilities for the aspiring duo.

CENOB1TE's live sets challenge their audiences with subliminal earth-shattering excursions into bass and an uncanny sense of dynamics. The effortless ebb and flow between multiple genres and tempos provides their listeners with an experience that ranges from brutal to beautiful. Between their eclectic live performances and impeccable production caliber, CENOB1TE has been known to make fans out of even the most ardent naysayers. So go ahead, take the ride with them. After all, they have "such sights to show you."