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Butch Clancy
Territories Represented: North America

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@AnishaWilson who was it? Do you know?

5 days ago

@AnishaWilson me too :(:( I'm sorry I wish I coulda played but it was completely outta my hands. Delta rlly fckd me over :/ I'm so pissed

5 days ago

@haileyosulli yea me too.had an anxiety attack when I landed in salt lake & found out they left. Sucks when its completely outta yr hands :/

6 days ago

When first introduced to electronic dance music, Butch Clancy wasted no time creating a style all his own: with pounding bass lines and heavy, intricate drums, he pulls from all the different genres of music that he has produced over the past twelve years. Keeping it dance floor friendly, but also staying true to the darker side of the bass music that he loves, he has struck a balance that makes his style fresh and new, but is still recognizable to fans.