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@Mikayla_Leigh @joyfuljupiter damn im sorry it was so early. I hope u make it next time

4 hours ago

RT @parkershore: >tfw i bumped @bleepbloopbass and @eprombeats at a church load out and they fucking loved it

7 hours ago

Got a sick gift at Beyond Wonderland

8 hours ago

Bleep Bloop's musical world is one of stripped back, bass-heavy beats paired with stark, surreal soundscapes. Aggressive and off the wall sounds weave in and out of heavy drums as he blends genre's into a low frequency style that works as well at a festival as it does in your headphones.

Bleep Bloop has earned the support of distinguished artists such as DJ Shadow, 12th Planet, DJ Craze, Kode9, Boyz Noize, Minnesota, Herobust, G Jones, to name just a few. He has performed at sold out shows in flagship venues across the country alongside DJ Shadow, Cashmere Cat as well as Low End Theory (LA). His music has been broadcast on BBC Radio 1, Diplo and Friends, Rinse FM, and on every continent except for antarctica (maybe).

"Angular, brutal and barbed with a bass tongue that tickles with both a west coast and UK twang, it's the sound Bleep Bloop has been cooking since he was first baptized by bass" - Dave Jenkins, UKF