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We miss AZ too 😭 no dates for this year :( maybe if the whole squad ask @ThomasTurnerAZ 🤷‍♀️

48 minutes ago

@Protohype Sorry to hear man, sending love n prayers to your loved ones 🙏

7 hours ago

9:55 pm TONIGHT!! Super excited and blessed to be back in FRESNO!!

7 hours ago

Up and coming duo, Arius, has taken the scene by storm with their invigorating take on a new wave of bass music. Producing on the cutting edge of a novel genre that they have refined, Arius can be seen as unexpected pioneers in uncharted territory, breaking the mundane in the dubstep, riddim, and trap realms. Creating a vigorous yet unique, rugged sound, the result is absolutely staggering as every track holds a surprise from the intense buildups to the bruising drops. As innovative artists, Arius has cultivated a style that can be best described as a blistering mix of weighty progressions and piercing synths, yet infused with indie elements that create a rounded, distinct product. Each track showcases breathtaking and unexpected melodies, as several dark layers placed effortlessly make for a unique listening experience.

Longtime friends and musicians, Matt and Tessa, are originally from Orange, California. The two met seven years ago at EDC Las Vegas, and ever since their journey has developed organically as these artists continuously push the envelope, mastering a one of a kind flavor. Arius also possesses some interesting skills that have led to their success. Tessa is a skilled finger drummer as well as a professional model, while Matt is a producer and dancer. The two work wonders together as their worlds collide, breaking the traditional dance music mold, straying from the expected, and coming up with their own methods of engineering. 

"Basically we're a one-man team. We have our own vocalist which is me. We have our own dancer which is him. We have our own person who performs the music and that's me, and the person that makes it is him. We don't need a vocalist or background dancers because together we can do it all and it's awesome." - Tessa

Seemingly, Arius has just scratched the surface with the potential they foster. Their rich history gives rise to an eclectic array of sounds, as they experiment with many different styles unbeknownst to many others. The fearless duo is growing stronger than ever, and with each mesmerizing release better than the last, they have set the bar high for their brilliant future. Together, Matt and Tessa have shown the world what they are capable of, and are undoubtedly considered one of bass music's most promising up and coming acts.